Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm back! with 250, no make that 260 cupcakes!!!

Ok, so technically I started writing this post back in May when I actually made all of these cupcakes, but then got sidetracked by some other exciting news in my life. More on that later ;) It is actually kind of perfect though seeing as I have been on a blogging break for the last year minus 10 days. So much has happened, not that very many people read my little blog, but I thank those that did follow it and everyone who ever left a comment. Now on to the cupcakes.

In May a professor in our college was retiring and anytime someone retires we throw them a party. My co-worker who organizes these events asked if I would be interested in making the cupcakes. Obviously I jumped at this opportunity because for years I've been wanting to have my own little cupcake business and this would be the perfect start. She wanted 250 cupcakes, half vanilla and half chocolate with a pale blue swirl of buttercream to match the blue on the invitations, as well as crystal sugar to give the cupcakes some sparkle.

Since this was going to be my first time ever making dozens upon dozens upon dozens of cupcakes I did cheat a little and bought boxed cake mix. This also helped to keep the cost down and gave me some major insight into what it will take to get a business going cost wise :o I went with a devils food and a white cake mix. To the white I added some homemade vanilla extract and real vanilla bean so the cupcakes would have a homemade look and taste. The devils food was surprisingly good for a box mix and tasted yummy with the buttercream. Altogether there were 260 cupcakes because of some technical difficulties in the beginning. Ooops :)

After 2 days of baking and frosting, 8 or 9 boxes of cake mix, endless pounds of buttercream frosting, 8 stuffed bakery boxes, one cupcake tower built by moi, and one patient saint of a boyfriend the cupcakes had made it safely to work with me. I set them up and put out my little card with my business name, which my co-worker insisted I do because how else was anyone going to know what my business was called. And since the name behind the business needed to mean something and because of how super supportive he's been, I named it after my sweet sweet boyfriend. Awwww! (go ahead and take a minute to wipe the tears of happiness or of laughing too hard. go ahead grab a kleenex.)

In the end the cupcakes were a hit! And I've been asked to make some wedding cupcakes for this fall. Yea!

Stay tuned for my next baking adventure!