Monday, September 22, 2008

Pain au chocolats et Croissants

Ok, so I know I won't officially be a Daring Baker until next month, but like many before me I decided to try out some of their previous challenges. This of course meant picking one of the most daring, in my opinion, recipes for a baker. And I am speaking of croissants. I can still smell them, which I know is weird seeing as they were made yesterday. For someone who has never laminated dough before, I have to say it was scarier sounding than it actually was. The whole process just fascinated me. Anyways, the recipe I chose to follow was the one on Brown Eyed Baker's site. Her pictures were so mouth watering and tempting me to try them. And so I had to. Right? Right. She mentioned how enormous hers turned out, so I decided to cut the dough into smaller triangles thinking they would turn out smaller, more normal sized croissants. Nope. They were still monster size croissants. But they were soooo good. And obviously I also made some pain au chocolats because if you couldn't tell by my blog name I am obsessed with them. My love for them started before I even went to Paris. (sigh/looking a bit misty-eyed) Excuse me for the emotional moment ;) So since I am not at home writing this and have forgotten my pictures, I will be posting them at a later date. So stay tuned for my croissant/pain au chocolats pictures.

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Michelle said...

So glad you had great success with these! They are certainly a culinary triumph :)