Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No food :( Big news :)

So what is the deal?
I'm blogging, I'm not blogging, I'm blogging, I'm not blogging.
Well, I think we are finally in the safe zone to where we can finally start to let more people know that.....
we are having one of these!

No not a bee! A baby! Isn't my niece such a cutie pie?
I feel like she is thinking, "I will sting you if you do not release me NOW!"
Anyways, I'll be 4 months next week and am still having all day nausea. Which has been such a pain because I love to bake and cook and for the last couple of months I've done neither, except to boil water for pasta. So I apologize to the wonderful readers of my blog. With Christmas fast approaching I'm trying to psych myself up for holiday baking. Yea! So please don't lose faith in me yet.

And while you wait, definitely check out This Just In. Gnightgirl and I met backstage at a Jason Aldean concert back in October while waiting to get a photo with the man himself. (My BSM won us free tickets and backstage passes!) How cool to run into another blogger just standing in line for a photo! She was even awesome enough to send a shout out to my blog. I'm just sorry it's taken me so long to get on here and link to her blog, or actually blogs plural because she has several. So go check her out!

Stay tuned for my next baking adventure!

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Ms. Morgan said...

I really enjoy your blog - it's just wonderful - so much I've posted a link to it on mine (under my favorite reads). Hope you get a chance to follow/read mine. :)